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the powerful software that simplifies stock and sales management

What is Ntemba POS

Welcome to Ntemba POS - the ultimate solution for small retail businesses looking to streamline their stock and sales management.

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to a simple and efficient software that helps you keep track of your sales and inventory with ease.

You can enjoy a range of features on Ntemba POS, from detailed sales and stock reports to remote access and barcode scanner compatibility. Your sensitive data is always secure, and this has been achieved by seperating the Admin seciton from the regular POS section.

And the best part? You don't need an internet connection to use our software. With just a Windows computer and optional peripherals, you can start managing your business more effectively than ever before. Try Ntemba POS today and experience the value it can bring to your life!


What value do we bring to your business

Improved inventory management:

By using Ntemba POS, you can now keep track of your retail business' stock levels and ensure you never run out of products that are in high demand. This can help you maximize your sales and revenue, as well as reduce the risk of overstocking and wasting money on excess inventory.

Increased efficiency and productivity:

You can now automate many of your manual processes, such as creating sales reports and managing stock levels. This can free up your valuable time and resources that can be better spent on other areas of the business, such as customer service and marketing.

Better decision-making:

Ntemba POS provides you with detailed reports and analytics that can help you make informed decisions about your business. For example, you can use sales data to identify your top-selling products and adjust your inventory accordingly, or use stock reports to track trends and forecast future demand. By having access to this valuable information, you will have the tools to make smarter decisions that can help your retail business grow and succeed.

Valuable Product Features

Comprehensive Reporting

Ntemba POS provides, daily reports, stock reports and revenue reports to help you make timely business decisions. All reports can be exported to Excel in the case you need that flexibility.

Local Installation. No internet required after installation.

Using our software allows you the flexibility of choosing to have a persistent internet connection or not.

Seperate Admin and POS Section

This ensures your workers only have access to features required for them to serve your customers. All stock management and reporting functionality are kept seperate in the Admin panel.

Easy To Setup

The application is easy to set up with no special skills required to set it up. All that is required is a PC running Windows operating system.

Barcode Scanner Compatible

The application allows you to use a barcode scanner in order to speed up the time it takes to attend to customers. This feature is optional, and the Software still works if you don't have one.

Receipt Printer

The Software works with receipt printers as well if you would like to use one.


What they are saying about us

"Having semi-computer literate cashiers created concern for how my sales records would be handled. Ntemba POS provided a solution and today, I am confident about the credibility of the POS more than the qualifications of my staff."

Mr. James Phiri

Trechs Pharmacy, Chawama

"The Ntemba POS has enabled our business grow due to improved accountability of products as well as proper notification of products that are running low. Thanks to Ntemba, we are now able to have an electronic record of all our stock and sales records."


Sunhealth Pharmacy, Libala South


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