Small business made easy

Stock taking made easy

Ntemba POS is designed with "ease of use" as its primary selling point. We have designed it to ensure you can quickly get an overview of how much stock you have and quickly identify anomalies.

Great Reports

Ntemba POS has a great set of reports that actually make sense to you the business owner. Information is only useful if it can be understood. Like all things in Ntemba POS, the reports have been designed to be easy to understand and use.

secure your sales

Ntemba POS has two views. One for your staff and one for the admin/owner. The staff view only allows your staff to enter sales. They cannot view reports and statistics or make any changes to stock quantities. This helps to minimize on fraud.
Our software also has support for:

- Receipt Printing *
- Barcode Scanner Support *
- Flexible Pricing Support (Discounts) *

minimize on fraud

Aside from being easy to use, our product has been designed to help you minimize on fraud between you and your staff memeber(s). This is done by limiting access to features as well as giving easy to understand summaries of where your business is.

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Application Guide

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Our clients say

"Having semi-computer literate cashiers created concern for how my sales records would be handled. Ntemba POS provided a solution and today, I am confident about the credibility of the POS more than the qualifications of my staff."
Trechs Pharmacy, Chawama
"The Ntemba POS has enabled our business grow due to improved accountability of products as well as proper notification of products that are running low. Thanks to Ntemba, we are now able to have an electronic record of all our stock and sales records."
Mr. Reagan Kabuka
Sunhealth Pharmacy, Libala South

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